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Midland’s pre-construction process results in a finished product that meets client needs and project goals by reducing construction time, realizing cost savings and minimizing changes. We work in cooperation with clients and design teams during the early planning stages of projects to achieve this objective.

Midland’s team approach to pre-construction includes input from experts on mechanical and electrical systems, structural detailing, scheduling, and purchasing to ensure that all critical items are proactively addressed before construction starts. Our project teams become involved during the planning stages of projects, and continue working on these projects through completion of construction. This ensures continuity between the pre-construction and construction phases, so that decisions made during the planning stages are properly implemented in the field. The end result is that Midland’s pre-construction expertise on pricing, scheduling, materials, building systems and construction methods deliver projects of best value for clients. Midland’s pre-construction services include:

  • Early budget development.
  • Pricing updates.
  • Value engineering.
  • Systems analyses/selection.
  • Construction document review/coordination.
  • Quality control.
  • Construction planning.
  • Site management planning.
  • Scheduling.
  • Coordination/expediting of construction permits.
  • Development of a Guaranteed Maximum Price.
  • Identification and purchasing of long lead items.
  • Advice on labor, subcontractors, material availability and quality

From pre-construction meetings with clients and architects to progress meetings with subcontractors, Midland works in partnership with fellow team members to achieve project objectives.